Our Shared Mystery of Planetary Healing

posted by Roman Hanis on September 18th, 2015

IMG_1572My deepest heartfelt wishes go out to all who care about this nurturing, loving planet we call home and all her inhabitants. I sense how many of us wish to make a difference in the world today and wholeheartedly join this collective intention to make the most practical positive impact. Some of us may have been fortunate enough to have surrounded ourselves only with like-minded and like hearted people as well as healthy and supportive environment.  However the danger in that is that it may become its own bubble to such a degree that it can be hard to even consider that there may be people in the world who would wish upon the devastation of the eco-balance on the planet and the subsequent disease of all its inhabitants. And when the news of those evil corporations and vile people arise on the horizon it is very hard if not impossible to relate to or even begin to understand these people.

I am one of those who live in a bubble of this so called positivity. While practical benefit is what eventually really counts, true impact cannot come without contemplation and strategic planning. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and as my beloved shared with me once – one ounce of observation is worth many pounds of thoughtless action. Here are some of the observations I wish to share for the sake of mutual growth and reflection.

Until recently I have to admit to be guilty of much judgement to the ignorant and self-destructive mainstream society. I mean, is the majority of the mainstream society totally blind to the indoctrination and conditioning of herd mentality? Can’t they see that this type of life style will prevent the future generations from having the slightest ability to enjoy natural life on earth or may not even survive to continue the existence of our species?

IMG_1658There is a lot of righteous indignation that comes along with that perspective and a good amount of frustration as well. What can I really do to change the lives of billions of people so that nature can thrive in harmony with human existence besides hiding in my little soap bubble and hope it is not going to burst soon? Yet of course the more sincerely I look into this issue the more I can recognize my own ignorance and delusion that is actually contributing to the problem.

Can collective evolution ever take place if I just sit around and see the problems only outside of myself?! While the idea of collective evolution is something I have talked about often in the past the deeper meaning of it has eluded me…

What has been very helpful for me to develop more understanding is the perspective of interconnectedness and reciprocity of all life that many ancestral cultures refer to as the quintessence of life itself. In that way everyone and everything – and particularly all people are teachers mirroring the collective light and shadow.  Especially the darkness of ignorance that I may judge and try to avoid holds an important lesson of greater compassion that has to be acknowledged in order for the darkness of ignorance to be transformed into the light of consciousness.

I can only get upset at something within someone if I have it in myself, otherwise how would I come to even recognize it in others. From this perspective every problem in the world, every conflict and disease become an amazing opportunity for further self realization and evolution. For if I am confused and disturbed myself how can I ever hope to benefit others?  Not to say that external solutions are obsolete yet the state of being these solutions are manifested with can make all the difference. How can I ever hope to evolve myself without recognizing the potential for that evolution in everyone else? How can I notice an obstacle for that evolution outside myself without realizing it to be a mirror reflection of inherent conditioning within?

IMG_0610Life is a paradox – much of what is happening in any given moment can directly contradict itself at least within the conceptual realm. Yet nature is not bound by stale concepts and evolution is a direct result of an enigmatic fusion that may to a great extent always remain a mystery. However to be actively involved in this mystery and collectively unravel just a tiny fragment of it may already be enough for the whole human civilization to be propelled towards such a state of maturity where all the issues plaguing the “modern society” will simply cease to exist. This consciousness transformation may be the ultimate frontier required for planetary healing and human development to take place. Our shared mystery awaits us…