Opening of the Institute for the Study of Indigenous Traditions & Natural Medicine

posted by Roman Hanis on August 9th, 2010

As part of our natural medicine hospital we are implementing the institute that involves a growing number of participating native healers to work together on enhancing the effects of natural healing, rediscover the primordial origin of how the medicine has been utilized throughout centuries, and maintain the healing practices we are utilizing at a high level of ancient wisdom, integrity and moral standards that will in time we hope be spread throughout the whole Amazonian rainforest and will allow this culture to rise above western commercialization and conditioning that have been corrupting it for the past century.

Our institute is infused together with the Natural Medicine Hospital and is there to manifest a strong core lineage of various healers with the same base of understanding and a direction of intent and discerning wisdom that will bring about the greatest benefit of active compassion to all sentient beings.

With the current gathering of experienced shamans and natural healers at our land we have already started apprenticeship process with several people and wish for this wisdom to spread to more people that can realize the infinite human potential for the benefit of all.

We offer many different levels of participation, healing and apprenticeship and are currently in the finishing stages of the construction of dieta huts and the ceremonial maloka which are an integral part of both the Natural Medicine Hospital and the Institute for the Study of Indigenous Traditions and Natural Medicine.

Our organization and the land we live on are dedicated to all the sincere seekers of truth and ultimate healing. Welcome aboard 🙂

May Mother Nature´s light transcend all challenges towards our return to the source of timeless and highest bliss that we are all destined to abide in.