New Year’s Wishes

posted by Cynthia Robinson on January 1st, 2014

8797127195_dc6280d937_o2Joining in to the collective stream of countless good wishes, the Paititi family is sending out the light of renewal and regeneration to this planet and all her inhabitants. Our wish is for all of our conscious friends whose heart is engaged and activated to continue cultivate greater recognition and confidence in the divine intelligence and the true loving nature of the only reality that is inherent within everything in the universe. May this year be a fertile ground for the bright ideals to sprout within the hearts of all people and may everyone have a community of like hearted people to support their highest potential, growth and human development for the greatest benefit of all. May we continue to reciprocate the love and support we receive from this world and be generous with the gifts that are so gracefully bestowed upon us by the interconnected presence of the eternal heart within the unity of diversity.