Initiating the Vision: Shamanic Permaculture Immersive Practice Coming Up!

posted by Cynthia Robinson on August 15th, 2014

IMG_0121As we shift gears and prepare to lay an energetic foundation at the new land, we’d like to take this opportunity to share more about our upcoming Shamanic Permaculture Immersive Practice Course and what it is really about. This is a very special, one time experience where we are inviting our extended community to officially initiate our vision at the new land.

We will be exploring the land together with a dear friend and renowned permaculture teacher, Andrew Jones. In the process we’ll learn how to observe energy flows and identify resources as we initiate the master planing, in addition to acquiring and practicing valuable permaculture and design tools that can be applied on a vast array of scales. Master planning is an essential step in bringing any dream into flesh. It helps us to both envision our highest ideal and then meet this ideal with the reality we face, identifying the tools and practical steps that can make our visions manifest.

The true nature of Paititi’s intent is to support the expression of an enlightened realm all across the globe for all beings. Therefore we have been inspired to open our creative process to our extended community as an opportunity for others to gain the invaluable experience of approaching a large-scale design. We also recognize the value this collective focus and wisdom can bring to the design we are undertaking. Everyone present will have the opportunity to have a real impact in the directions we take, sharing in this birthing, and weaving their unique spirit and perspective into the land and all we do within it.

As an essential and core part of this process we will be exploring deeply what it means to be stewards in general, and specifically to be stewards of this land. The ancestral indigenous wisdom and sacred plant ceremonies will help unlock in each one of us the unique ability to channel the universal love of the Mother Earth and Father Sun as a union of Compassion and Wisdom.

  • How do we embrace this role in a humble and beneficial way?
  • How do we listen to our inner guidance, as well as the insight of others, both human and non-human?
  • How do we live in the highest integrity and see from a perspective where we can bring the greatest benefit to the greatest number of beings in every moment?

We will be guided by the ancestral wisdom from the traditions of the Amazon, Andes and Tibet in order to explore these questions to the core of our being as always bridging the inner and outer landscapes.

The course is from September 25th through October 12th. As an extra incentive we are offering an early bird discount for those registered by August 22nd and we have increased the discount from $150 to $200.