Initiating Permaculture Gardens at the Local Village School!

posted by Cynthia Robinson on November 20th, 2013

In the past few months, we have worked with the children from the pueblo neighboring our land, Cahuide. From teaching them about the relationship between their parents and themselves and the similarities to the Earth and themselves to planting seeds and showing them our facilities, we have definitely formed lasting relations with the kids and the teachers.

The next phase of this project is involving the parents of the children we have been teaching and learning from. About two weeks ago, we had our very first meeting scheduled with them where Nicky and I presented our ideas which involve build a composting facility, to build a plant nursery, to start gardens, and in general beautify the desolate and treeless landscape where the children play. It is to serve as an example to the community of chemical free planting, and using observation to see what could be done with Mother Earth gives us.


the-parents-meeting-1A shot from the meeting with the mama’s and papa’s… Gabicho is still learning the art of composition, but nevertheless, this room was filled with people who at first, were not budging on the idea of beautifying the space! Patience wins, and they eventually agreed to come together…

 whole-site-area,-dip-to-the-left-1The area behind the school… the compost fence was build to the back left… plans are now being made for gardens in the center area.

 compost-build-1A good few of us on our first day coming together to work…

 compost-pile-crew-1And a few hours later, a compost facility, with a bunch of already broken down grass from a nearby field!


Poco a poco (little by little)