Leah Shirley

posted by Cynthia Robinson on January 30th, 2023

Certified Primordial Breathwork Facilitator
Portland, Oregon:

Leah Shirley embarked on a journey to heal her mind and body through the power of yoga over two decades ago. A devoted yoga instructor, yoga school owner, and co-founder of Agni Yoga Portland, she is guided by her passion to educate and empower people through the art of movement by cultivating a deeper connection with their bodies. Leah has a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts and has continued her education at Boulder College of Massage Therapy and Dissection Lab participation with Gil Hedley. Leah has foundational knowledge of exercise, human performance, and its correlation with the structure and function of the body.

Committed to her practice and devotion and continued willingness to learn, Leah began the journey of embodying her true nature with the Paititi Institute in 2015. Over the years, her personal evolution, and the inspiration and guidance that have been transmitted through the wisdom of the Indigenous perspective have led Leah to become a facilitator ofPrimordial Breathwork™. She wishes to share the learning and deepen her connection with friends on the path.