Kailey Hak

posted by Cynthia Robinson on January 30th, 2023

Primordial Breathwork™ Facilitator in Training
Sacred Valley, Peru:

For Kailey, her experiences with the Primordial Breathwork™ practice has been a journey back to herself and a practice of learning to open her heart – opening her heart to what scares her, hurts her and also to all of the beauty and love that is abundant she allows herself to see clearly. It has been a practice of allowing herself to be vulnerable and and of becoming more honest with herself, with grace and patience.

The breath, for Kailey, represents the universal love, connecting us all. For the Indigenous- the breath is the universal language, a language we were once all so fluent in. The breath – the heartbeat – is the rhythm of nature connecting us all. The breath is a constant reminder for Kailey that she can close off, freeze, resist – or – when she decides to open her heart, she can join in the dance of the true nature pulsing within us all, flowing to the rhythm of our universal heartbeat. 

Growing up in Florida, Kailey has always had an adventurous spirit, with an unquenchable curiosity for learning about and connecting with cultures around the world. Over the past few years she has been traveling and living around the world, working as a teacher and researcher, and she is now continuing her life long studies in the Sacred Valley of Peru, learning and connecting with the Paititi Institute. She aspires to continue learning, sharing and continually discovering new ways to be a bridge, sharing these traditions for opening the heart and connecting to our true nature.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @kaileyhak