This is an interest list and does not require a deposit to sign up. If you would like to hold a space in the training contact us and we can discuss the steps to transfer you to the registration list.

Date & Time Details: Participants should fly into Cusco, Peru on September 13th or earlier, to acclimatize and give time for potential travel delays and departing no earlier than midday on October 7th. We will be meeting late morning on SEPTEMBER 15h to begin our journey and will return to the Sacred Valley in the late afternoon/evening on OCTOBER 6th. Please do NOT book your travel until you have received confirmation from us that your application has been accepted.

Location: Paititi Institute

Address: Mapacho Valley, Peru

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Primordial Breathwork Teacher Training Interest List

Facilitated by Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson

Open Dates

**This program has been postponed. It will be rescheduled, new dates will be announced soon**

Primordial Breathwork was developed by Paititi Institute over the last 10 years and Roman Hanis as the main facilitator over the last 18 years. Throughout this time, many individuals have benefited from this practice and expressed interest to become facilitators.

Primordial Breathwork is influenced by indigenous Amazonian and Tibetan traditions, supported by Transpersonal Psychology. The cosmology and theoretical background of this practice relates to the hero’s conscious journey towards the primordial state of blissful divine union, as mirrored in ancient cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. That original state is recognized as the source of all creative potential and is vital in evolutionary healing.

To embark in the teacher training program, it’s essential to commit to this journey of evolutionary healing in one’s life and Paititi Institute’s role is to create a community of facilitators that support each other in this continuous journey of evolution.

The Teacher Training program involves study on both the physical technique and underlying psychosomatic theory for facilitators to embody and safely support others in practice and integration. Topics covered include:

  • In-depth technique
  • Training for group and individual guidance
  • Cultivation of emotional intelligence
  • Cellular memory activation and catharsis
  • Communicating with body language
  • Physical, energetic and dream connection through Transpersonal Dreamwork
  • Shamanic Symptomatic Dance
  • Contraindications
  • Integration
  • Creative processing
  • Transmission of primordial natural states

Indigenous Ceremony:

As part of the training participants will have an option to partake in ancient Amazonian indigenous ceremonies of Ayahuasca and Andean culture of San Pedro and Coca. All of these plants are recognized as national heritage and cultural treasure of Peru. These healing traditions are links to uninterrupted live transmission lineages going back to times immemorial. At Paititi we deeply honor these illuminated reminders from those ancestors who were fully immersed in the primordial enlightened essence of humanity’s true nature. For more info on these practices please review our Program Overview Document (coming soon). 

Prerequisite Credits:

To be eligible to attend this 3-week Teacher Training, 80 credits must be accumulated over a 3-year period. At least 30 of these credits must be completed before the training. Certification is provided once all 80 credits are earned, the 3-week Teacher Training program is complete and there’s a demonstration of competency. 

Credits are offered for most of the Paititi Institute programs as outlined below. At least one of the starred items* must be included:

  • 33-day Embodying True Nature Retreat*: 30 credits
  • 7-week Transformation Track Work Study Service*: 20 credits
  • 10-day Embodying True Nature Retreat*: 15 credits
  • 16-day Embodying True Nature Retreat*: 20 credits
  • Form & Formless Retreat (4 day)*: 10 credits
  • Shamanic Permaculture Design Certificate course: 10 credits
  • Primordial Breathwork Retreat (4 day): 10 credits each
  • Primordial Breathwork Sessions (4 hours): 3 credits each

The prerequisites allow for those on the facilitation track to establish a solid foundation of the theory and practice, simultaneously committing to one’s own path of personal growth. Those serious about pursuing the teacher training are encouraged to apply even before the pre-requisites are complete. A deposit to hold your spot will only be collected once 50% of the credits are complete.

Be sure to check out the Friends of Paititi program for consecutive program discounts.


Maintaining Certification:

In order to maintain an active certification on our list of official certified facilitators, it’s essential to continue your learning process. The following is required:

  1. Facilitators must participate in one of the following programs at least once every  3 years. Special facilitator discounts will be available:
    -Embodying True Nature Retreat
    -Special Primordial Breathwork Facilitators Retreat (offered about every 2-3 years)
    -Transformation Track Work Study Service
  2. Facilitators must join as a participant in at least 2 Primordial Breathwork sessions held by another certified facilitator a year.
  3. Join at least once a year for a online check-in to discuss questions, concerns and insights. These online check-ins may be held in groups or individually.
  4. Adhere to our Ethical Guidelines  [coming soon].


Location & Lodging:

The certification will be held at the Paititi Institute Land, Larapata. Some participants will stay in personal tents and some in personal huts. Huts will be offered to elders and those with physical needs as priority. More details are available in our info & prep document (coming soon).


Teacher Training Retreat Contribution:

$2333 USD

$200 discount for Early Bird Registration by April 1, 2019

If you’re inspired to initiate your journey as a facilitator, please fill out the preliminary application here. You’re welcome to fill out the application even if you’ve not completed the pre-requisites and we’ll be happy to work together with you to determine the best approach for you to complete them. Once you’ve completed 50% of the pre-requisites, you’ll be invited to hold your space in the training with a 30% deposit. The Teacher Training Retreat will be offered every 2-3 years.

Please review the Info & Prep document (coming soon) document for more information on our refund policy. Contribution includes all food, instruction, guidance & personal support, ceremonies, plant medicines, the stay on a pristine land, and transportation from and back to the Sacred Valley during this 33 day retreat. Any profits are devoted to the continuation of this worthy cause for the benefit of all beings.


Retreat Requirements

Besides meeting the prerequisites, we ask that anyone applying for this retreat be prepared to face new and unexpected challenges. We are specifically seeking participants who are inspired to approach all situations with a solutions-based attitude grounded in personal responsibility. It is important to be aware that you will have to hike into and out of the land which takes 2-8 hours one-way (depending on the fitness and experience level of each participant). The hike although very beautiful can also be challenging and you will need to carry your own pack on your back. Elders or people who may have some physical challenges (please let us know ahead of time) may be able to pack personal belongings on mules. With this said, it is a beautiful journey and everyone has been able to make it with a wide range of fitness and age levels taking it slow.

Given the circumstances at the center at this time, we can only accept participants who are in stable and good health. This specific training is only avalible for individuals who are healthy. It may be possible to join us with minor health conditions if in overall good physical shape – please inquire with us before applying. To learn more about our programs for those with more serious/chronic health conditions please contact us.

Participants should be comfortable living in nature off the grid. Please be sure to read the Info and Preparation Package (coming soon) to ensure you are prepared for the journey.


Roman Hanis
Roman Hanis has been working closely with the indigenous Peruvian cultures in the Amazonian rainforest and Andean mountains since 2001. During this time he has devoted this life to learning the ancient healing ways of these cultures while seeking possibilities for creating ecological sources of sustenance for local populations and working to preserve the rainforest and its spiritual heritage of sacred medicinal plants. Seeing the vital role that ancient cultural…
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Cynthia Robinson
Since childhood, Cynthia Robinson has had a deep love for nature and natural healing. She always knew she would devote her life in service to the healing of people and the planet. Cynthia got her BA at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design with a focus in Design, Communication and Creative Problem Solving. After graduation, she pursued her passion to bring deeper values for nature and humanity…
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