Embracing the Purification and Opening the Portal: Deep Transformation in the Paititi Realm

posted by The Paititi Team on December 26th, 2012

Many of you who have met us are familiar with the traditional indigenous Amazonian sacred science perspective of diseases being the messengers of divine intelligence and mothers that usher the spiritual evolution. This perspective greatly differs from the western conventional view of pathology and its nihilistic approach towards the elimination of the symptoms relating to specific health conditions.

Now, this Amazonian approach towards healing sounds romantic and attractive in theory, however it is only through collective communal practice that we can reach the objective insight into this process.

At the Paititi Institute we cultivate the skillful means that were utilized in their origin by the ancestors of ancient civilizations. Therefor it is our commitment to implement the ancestral holistic approach towards healing ourselves at the root of ignorant conditioning present within all of us that causes suffering in our world.

We were recently graced with just such an opportunity. Approaching the anniversary of three years of us being the caretakers of a hundred acre rainforest reserve about 1.5 hours outside of Iquitos, our area has suddenly become a malaria epidemic zone. There are published scientific studies which provide an evidence of malaria link to deforestation and we have definitely observed our neighbors over the years clear cut big areas of the rainforest around our reserve out of predominating ignorance and conditioning.

So how does malaria which has gotten such a scary and bad reputation in the west serve humanity in energetic healing and cognitive evolution?

Well, to start with, it is essential to cultivate discerning wisdom into this condition that is not attached to the western social fear based stigma associated with it. There are several strains of malaria in the world ranging from dangerous to quite benign. The strains of malaria in the Amazon basin as opposed to Africa for example are considered to be of the benign type and the one that has appeared in our area is the least threatening of all of them. It can still be a challenging process but with the right approach also quite beneficial.

Roman himself has personally have had two intimate immersions into the womb of this protective mother and from his experience has greatly benefited from it. Both times he felt deeply purified on an energetic level. The first encounter he was shown the next level of his spiritual practice and the second time around introduced to the most illuminated state of being he has ever witnessed thus far.

The indigenous shamans view malaria as one of the protectors of the rainforest that prevent it from being destroyed. As the messenger of Mother Nature this health condition is also seen by the indigenous people as one that provides a detoxification of deep seated obscurations of consciousness.

On behalf of our institute we wish to acknowledge the heroic dedication of all our volunteers and recent participants for making a determined choice to stay on the grounds of our reserve despite this situation. Over 60 people staying at the institute over the period of two month have made a decision to make a sustained effort to face the recent malaria epidemic with the view of the indigenous sacred science even when offered the option to relocate to an area that is clear from the epidemic.

Out of these 60 people about ten percent have actually gotten malaria and all without an exception have experienced a very positive transformation and a deep insight into their true nature. What made it possible more than anything was the freedom from victim mentality and an empowered enlightened attitude coming from the origins of the indigenous Amazonian culture.

In this process we have also implemented natural preventive remedies and took precautions to minimize the risk for all our residents. Friends from local tribes have introduced us to plant medicine recipes that have been utilized for many generations that in our experience have also proved to be quite effective.

Overall the spirit of our community has become more unified than ever in this process, everyone came out of it transformed, healthy and with a much deeper insight into the workings of nature within and without.

As we share often with our community the purification clears the way for the blessings to come and there are no blessings without the purification first. In this way the purification also becomes a blessing. Collectively we are grateful for this profound purification and the deep inquiry it has inspired into the future direction of the institute.

The local health center has shared with us that they project the malaria risk in the area to increase as the communities upstream continue to degrade the environment. With this realization we have been forced to ask ourselves how we can really bring the most benefit, continue our transformation work, provide a safe environment to build long term community, raise families and work with patients.

We see the current situation as a call to relocate our sustainable eco-village and natural medicine center to the area which is free from epidemics and where patients with serious health conditions will not be compromised while families from our global family can join our community safely and raise joyful children in a vibrant and healthy environment that is based on deep human values.  

Our beautiful sanctuary of healing and transformation has truly become the portal to Paititi. We are embracing this transformation and have begun the quest to find a location outside of the malaria epidemic zone where the mountains meet the jungle.

Through our time here we have gained an invaluable experience into the skillful art of earth stewardship. Our permaculture work has progressed in profound ways. Land that would not grow much more than creeper grass 3 years ago has become a bountiful garden of fruits, vegetables, medicines and timber and it is our deep wish to share this profound gift with the local community at this time when such wisdom is deeply needed as mother malaria is illuminating. As a result of this situation we have begun the next phase of the development of our current institute grounds into a green Waldorf school for the local children which will simultaneously be a permaculture education and research center for the local population.

Another invaluable blessing we have received from the mama malaria is a powerful impetus towards continuous preservation of the virgin rainforest and especially in areas where there are still large plots of land untouched by the corrupted western commercialization of native populations.

As we begin the quest to relocate, we have recently become informed about a large territory in the neighboring region of the Amazon that is closer to the mountains where a private eco-reserve of over 500 hectares is scheduled to be sold for clear cutting purposes. It is a pristine area of high rainforest with a big river going across it, beautiful waterfalls, stalactite caves, nests of hundreds of large colorful parrots, monkeys and other wild animals with some trees that are a thousand year old. Even though the cost of this land is much greater than the resources our institute is counting with at this time we wish to communicate to all of our global community a plea of the rainforest that has echoed through all of us at the Paititi Institute via the recent events to help us in any way you can with the continuous preservation of this and other remaining natural sanctuaries that greatly depend on us.

At this time we are initiating a fundraising effort in order to manifest this vision and in the coming weeks and months we will be sharing further details on our various fundraising projects with all of you. We welcome your support in any way you feel able and inspired, be it financial contributions, creative fundraising ideas and partners, helping to spread awareness of our work, as well as your prayers and intentions.

In addition we are looking for hearts and hands who are inspired to work with us to dedicate their love towards creating the school here on our current grounds.

In deepest service to the mother earth and the infinite human potential,

Roman, Cynthia and the Paititi Family