Embodying True Nature Service Opportunity

This is a special service opportunity for a small handful of people that have an inspiration toward consciousness transformation work. Participants will have the opportunity to be present and support in the transformation process during our Embodying True Nature Retreat.

Work Study Service participant interested in joining for this opportunity are required to commit to the full time and are welcome to stay later if desired. The next program dates are July 27 – September 15, 2015 OR January 20 – February 21, 2016.

During this time the first priority of all service participants will be to support the needs of the retreat. This includes but is not limited to working in the kitchen, cleaning, and being available to support facilitators’ and retreat participants’ needs. Service participants will have the opportunity to be in the energy field of the retreat group and will be included in an introduction to many of the different practices that we will be working with, including most lectures given during the retreat, some transformational breathwork and dreamwork sessions, and some ceremonies.
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When not needed to support the retreat group, participants will also have the opportunity to work on permaculture and infrastructure projects on the land.


Participation Requirements

  • It is required to participate in the complete program. Participants may not have the opportunity to leave the center during this time except in the case of an emergency and should arrange their personal affairs so that it will not be necessary to leave. There is cell service on some parts of the land. Each participant will have one personal day a week.
  • Participants should be healthy and in good physical shape. During this program you will be on your feet all day and will do a lot of walking in the mountains. At this time while the road is still being build there is a 2+ hour hike into the property. In addition, many tasks on the property itself involve steep ascents and descents. The terrain can be steep, the altitude is high, and all participants should be prepared to hike with their belongings on their back.
  • Because participants will be supporting a sensitive transformation process we are seeking service participants who have a foundation in personal practice.
  • There are many unknown elements as we embrace this move to the new land. We will be working with very simple and young infrastructure. Those who join should be willing and able to embrace this with a positive, solutions-oriented attitude.  If you are not comfortable living in a tent, taking cold showers, living with no electricity, solving unexpected challenges, and hiking steep terrain this may not be the best time for you to visit. Conditions will be raw and rustic.


Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies & Transformation Practices

During this time service participants will have the opportunity to participate in deeper work with the transformation process than the Permaculture Track times.

All participants will receive an initiation including an Ayahuasca ceremony, integration day and San Pedro. In addition to the initiation round of ceremonies all service participants will have the opportunity to join for 2 additional ceremonies (either 2 ayahuasca or 1 ayahuasca and 1 san pedro). Additional ceremonies may be possible.

At key moments during the retreat we will offer a Coca initiation and ceremonies. Service participants will be invited to join for some of these ceremonies.

In addition to ceremonies service participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Join for some transformational breathwork sessions and at least one dreamwork session in order to get an introduction into these practices.
  • Join in a number of morning practice sessions. The service participants can rotate participation in these sessions. Practices will include mainly Shaolin health movement, Yoga and Qigong.


Location and travel info:

Please do not book any travel until your registration for this service opportunity is complete (by submitting your form, receiving confirmation from us and submitting your deposit).

Participants should plan to arrive in Cusco THE DAY BEFORE the start date in order to meet the group on the first day. Departing flights should be schedule no earlier then the day after the end day (midday or later). We will be meeting in the Sacred Valley (about 40 minutes outside Cusco) and traveling to the land together from there. There is public transportation available between Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Travel details will be sent at a later date.


Contribution and Deposit:

The contribution for this transformation service opportunity is $950 for the 47 day program. A 30% nonrefundable deposit is required in order hold a spot in the service group. Direction for sending this deposit will be sent once you are accepted for the program.

If interested to apply for this opportunity the application will be available staring around May 25th. Until then you are welcome to put your name on the interest list and we will send an announcement when registration is available. We are currently making updates to our registration system. Thank you for you patients as we improve our systems 🙂