Sample Status Posts

Please consider making a few posts on your facebook page from once a week to every few days throughout the month of December in order to support us in reaching out to a larger community. Here’s a few sample facebook posts. Of course you are welcome to create your own 🙂


  1. Join me in making a gift to humanity this holiday. The Paititi Institute is doing amazing work in addressing humanity’s challenges at the fundamental level, unifying inner and outer landscapes, and serving as an integrative and deeply embodied intercultural bridge. Make a tax deductible donation now:

  3. In need of a tax deduction? Here’s a project that is very worthy of the support and is doing amazing work… The Paititi Institute. Let’s help them grow their Ecovillage and regenerative enterprises, integrative scientific research, supporting the indigenous cultures of the Amazon to preserve their wisdom, culture, and way of life, and the protection of more rainforest for the benefit of future generations.

  5. I have been doing work with the Paititi Institute for ___years and through that time they have supported me to ________. If you are considering a gift for me this holiday the most meaningful thing you can offer me is to offer a tax deductible donation to their work on my behalf!

  7. My Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday Wish List:  A world full of responsible and joyful human beings in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. Instead of gifts this year I would rather take them in the form of donations to the Paititi Institute in support of their powerful work in this direction. And it’s tax deductible!