Blessed Pachamama Hand Sanitizer & General Disinfectant

posted by Faanito on December 17th, 2012

So we recently made a batch of amazing hand sanitizer and general disinfectant for our community here at Paititi and thought it would be great to share it with other communities and like-minded individuals. In line with our ethos, everything is completely natural and biodegradable, and the best part is it really works, really well! So this is for quite a big batch, 8 litres, which when diluted will give you 16 L, but simply adjust the ratios accordingly if you wish to make a smaller batch. The properties of the individual oils can be found at, and of course, if you don’t have any of the ones we list you can substitute it with ones you do have – get creative with Pachamama and the BLESSED plant spirits!




Concentrate; dilute 1:1 with water.

For 8L volume.

20 Drops Cinnamon Bark

20 Drops Clove Bud

20 Drops Rosemary

10 Drops Cinnamon Leaf

20 Drops Eucalyptus

30 Drops Lavender

10 Drops Cedarwood

3 Tbs Castile soap – this emulsifies the oil, allowing it to mix with the water.

4 Tsp Colloidal silver

Fill 8L container with essential oils, soap and silver. Fill remainder with water. Mix and test!