Living Library of Medicinal Plants

Living Library of Medicinal Plants The Mandala of Sacred and Medicinal Plants at Paititi is an ongoing effort to preserve the quickly disappearing vast ancient wisdom of the healing and enlightening qualities of Amazonian plant medicines. With only one percent of Amazonian remedies studied by Western science and the unhealthy patterns of our modern society that have so far destroyed over 60% of this once intact symbiotic organism, this pharmacy of Mother Nature is daily losing thousands of plant species that actually have the potential of curing all the main diseases, ailments and sicknesses that are causing suffering to humankind.The indigenous people of the rainforest have been living in a deep synergetic relationship with the Nature around them, completely immersed in that magnificent live organism, revering and learning from it for thousands of years. In this way, indigenous cultures recognize the Divine intelligence from which all life came to be—The Mother Goddess. Naturally from this relationship through many generations, the Medicine men in the tribes became the living index of Mother Nature’s pharmacy, and formed the living lineages of uninterrupted transmission of this sacred knowledge that can activate the infinite human potential for healing inherent in all of us. Through the destruction of these eco-resources, the massive deaths of indigenous tribes that came in contact with western civilization, and the general erosion of ancestral knowledge in modern society, it has become obvious that without the rainforest, the wisdom accumulated through thousands of years by the indigenous people loses all purpose and without the indigenous people and the rainforest, we as humanity lose one of the last remaining links to our divine origin, our connection with nature and the possibility to heal and rediscover in ourselves the higher consciousness we can still observe in Nature. At Paititi we interact and work side-by-side with indigenous medicine men and women from various rainforest regions, documenting the knowledge of different native applications of medicinal and sacred plants for a great variety of ailments and conditions as well as planting these plant medicines in our living mandala garden. These medicines are in turn utilized for the purposes of healing the local and international community at our Natural Medicine Center.We thank all of our surrounding community, both from the Amazon as well as the rest of the world that supports this living project of restoring the accumulated wisdom of humanity’s enlightened ancestors since the beginning of time.