International Programs


Form and Formless Transformation Retreats

Shamanic Keys to Your Unlimited Human Potential This retreat explores the theoretical and experiential groundwork of the shamanic transformation and healing process drawing intercultural bridges between various indigenous cultures of the world.  With the help of indigenous dreaming perspectives, Jungian transpersonal psychology, cathartic breath-work and sacred geometry, we start remembering the universal language of evolutionary […]

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Amazonian/Tibetan Primordial Breathwork Sessions

This Primordial Breathwork workshop merges two traditional methods from the Amazon and Tibet. This is a multidimensional experience, encompassing many facets of our being. It is very helpful for the reactivation of our energetic chakra vortexes to their natural, higher vibrational frequencies. The practice also aids in the location and elimination of psychosomatic sources of […]
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Knowledge from the Amazon Lectures

In this lecture, we discuss the origin of and spiritual disciplines associated with the Amazonian and Andean indigenous traditions, as well as these traditions’ practical benefit for our modern world and society. There are ancient lineages and direct transmissions in many ancestral spiritual cultures, both East and West, South and North, that assist with eliminating […]
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Interrelation of Amazonian & Chinese Medicine

This talk explores the cultural roots of Amazonian and Chinese medicines and the common threads between these ancient practices. In it, we delve into both systems’ effectiveness at recognizing and eliminating the root of suffering, with particular regard to the different areas of need and states of consciousness of various cultures on earth. Many of […]
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